Introducing Wolf Works DAO

Wolf Works DAO is an organization that puts the power directly in the hands of its stakeholders. By holding the $WLD token, holders have voting rights and can participate in decision-making for all aspects of Wolf Works DAO's operations. The decentralized nature of Wolf Works DAO means that all stakeholders are aligned around a common goal: growing the value of this organization.

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Founding Principles


We avoid taking on high-risk and do what we can to lower risk

Innovation Driven

Forward thinkers that like to go beyond what has already been done and innovate new solutions


We value quality over quantity and avoid cutting corners


The communiy plays in important role in the development of Wolf Works


As a DAO, transparency in the organization is essntial


We take security very seriously and are advised by industry professionals


To lower risk we add various assets and services to the portfolio

How it Works

Wolf Works DAO will continuously evolve to best serve the interests of its governance token ($WLD) holders. Wolf Works DAO's treasury is managed by the holders of its native $WLD token, who determine how funds from the treasury should be allocated through the use of proposals and voting. Each $WLD token is the equivalent of one vote, making each stakeholder's voice heard and allowing them to contribute directly to decision-making within the organization. The business model is based on investing treasury funds into other projects, teams, companies, etc in order to generate returns for the organization.

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The Treasury

A treasury is an essential piece of most decentralized organizations. A treasury is like a DAO's portfolio or "bank account." It holds a variety of different assets, including currencies, investments, and more. It allows organizations to effectively manage their funds and allocate their resources as needed. In order to transfer funds in and out of the treasury, proposals must be voted on by the organization's stakeholders using their $WLD tokens.

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