Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Wolf Works DAO? 

The Wolf Works DAO (formerly wLiti DAO) is an investment DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that focuses on creating profit for $WLD holders through returns from large litigation finance cases, the “Wolf Certification,” insurance, and additional products.

Who created Wolf Works DAO and why? 

The DAO was created by community moderators and initial investors of Liti Capital that saw potential growth for crypto in litigation finance. The founders of the DAO wanted to create trust and reliability in the market by using litigation finance and traditional due diligence processes and incorporating those safer and more accountable auditing processes in new projects.

How do I become a Wolf Works DAO member? 

To become a DAO member, you just need to own $WLD token.

Is Wolf Works DAO audited?

The DAO’s token and on-chain governance has been audited by Certik.

What are proposals for? 

Proposals are the backbone of the DAO. They are how the DAO members vote on the direction of the DAO and make important decisions. If a proposal is passed, then it will be implemented and executed.

How are proposals passed?

For a proposal to be passed, it must be approved through a majority vote of the DAO members. Each $WLD acts as one vote. Typically this is done using the Snapshot platform.

How frequent are distributions?

The frequency of distributions from the DAO’s treasury depends on votes from the community to establish percentages and frequencies per project. Over time this is subject to change based on the will of the people but we expect to see either monthly or quarterly distributions on most projects. The Litigation Finance distributions are currently paying 100% to the DAO holders as cases are won.

How much do I make from distributions? 

The amount that is distributed from the treasury to WLD holders will vary depending on the profit made between distributions per project. Check the Whitepaper for more information.

Why are funds being distributed to WLD holders? 

WLD holders are entitled to take profits off the DAO just like you would expect in a traditional company. One of the benefits of the dao is creating a reliable way for members to receive distributions from the Litigation finance without the need to be accredited as an individual. The ability to regularly receive profits on the DAO is at the foundations of the DAOs principals.

What are the marketing plans?

The DAO is looking to collaborate with other organizations that go through the audit process to grow communities mutually. We are also looking at any viable options that make sense. We want to create long term holders so that has to be taken into consideration when we approach a group or organization.

What is being done to create awareness of the DAO? 

Word of mouth, published articles, collaboration with influencers, and major press releases are all being used to create awareness. We believe as profitability becomes known for the DAO, the market price will become realized as well.

What is the current and max supply?

Current Supply : 1,918,024,825.199287 WLD / ~1.92B
Max Supply : 1,918,024,825.199287 WLD - currently no other tokens can be made without a vote from the DAO

What are the tokenomics, are there any team / marketing tokens? 

Visit our Whitepaper for tokenomics. CLICK HERE