Our Solutions

We develop innovative solutions for new territories

Smart Contract Audit
Technology Infrastructure Audit
Due Diligence Report
Team KYC / AML
Team Background
Team Reputation Assessment
Analysis on Backers
Corporate Structure Analysis
Litigation & Sanction Review
Risk Assessment
Insurance Services
Launchpad Access

A comprehensive due diligence report on your project. The information provided in this in-depth assessment will provide you and your potential investors with critical, verified information about your project, your founders, and the team behind it.

We have established ourself as a reinsurer under Relm Insurance. We offer insurance services to projects that have completed a Wolf Certification. Terms for insurance services will be individually negotiated based upon the certification's score and the size of the limits for such coverage.

A launchpad infrastructure and support group that assists projects during the early stages of their ventures. Projects that utilize the launchpad infrastructure will receive resources, such as, assistance from seasoned professionals and access to a useful set of tools.