Last Updated: July 27, 2022
“Wolves don’t perform in a circus, and people with a mind of their own, don’t perform in a circus either.”
– Avijeet Das
“Throw me to the wolves and I will return, leading the pack.”
– unkown


Please take a few minutes to review this section and the context that each of the following terms will be used in throughout this whitepaper. These are terms and definitions that you may or may not be familiar with already. If you are not already familiar with them or would like to better understand them, then we have provided a simple definition along with a link to a resource where you can learn more about that term. It is highly recommended that you at least have a very basic understanding of each term before reading as they will frequently be used throughout this whitepaper.

Crypto Industry

A system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.
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Blockchain Network
A technical infrastructure that allows applications to access ledger and smart contract services.

Centralized Exchange (CEX)
A type of cryptocurrency exchange that is operated by a company that owns it in a centralized manner.

Stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. A community-led entity with no central authority.

DAO Treasury
Where funds and assets are held by the DAO. https://ethereum.org/en/dao/

DAO Proposal - Used for all types of decision-making in the DAO. Any member of the DAO can create a proposal that can then be voted on by all of the other members. If the vote passes, then the proposal will be executed. 

A decentralized application that runs autonomously by using smart contracts on a blockchain network.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
A type of cryptocurrency exchange that allows for direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions to take place online securely and without the need for an intermediary.

Ethereum Network
One of the largest decentralized blockchain platforms. Due to the high usage of the platform, the gas fees on transactions are extremely high on this network. ETH is the native currency on this network and is used to pay for gas fees.

Gas Fees

Investment DAO
A DAO that is designed to be a decentralized fund that invests in various assets

How easily you can convert an asset into cash or another asset. 

Multisig Wallet

Polygon Network
Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting . MATIC is the native currency on this network and is used to pay for gas fees.
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The largest DEX on the Polygon network.

Smart Contract

Snapshot Platform
A decentralized voting system. Creating proposals and voting on it is user-friendly and does not cost gas as the process is performed off-chain.

A token where its value is pegged to an asset (cryptocurrency, fiat money, or to exchange-traded commodities, etc).

A stablecoin that is pegged to the value of $1.

Wrapped Token
A token that is pegged to the value of another original token.

Finance Industry

Private Equity
A form of investment in which investors gain ownership stake in private companies, not listed on a public exchange. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/privateequity.asp

Litigation Finance


Liti Capital SA
A company based in Switzerland that specializes in litigation finance.

LITI Token
An equity token that is a (type B) share of Liti Capital SA. Owners of LITI are entitled to shareholder voting rights, shareholder protection, and dividends from Liti Capital SA. Since the tokens are the (type B) shares of Liti Capital SA, you must go through KYC and be an accredited investor in some places to be able to purchase the tokens.

wLITI Token
Wrapped LITI tokens that are freely exchangeable (non-KYC) and available to all investors. From a legal perspective, they are stock options for Liti Capital SA. They can be unwrapped into LITI tokens at any point, but this requires you to go through KYC.

Product Offerings
Services or projects that are built and offered by WLD. 

WLD Member
A member of WLD. The only requirement to become a member is to hold at least 1 WLD token. 

WLD Portfolio
Collection of assets that are held and owned by the DAO.

WLD Token
WLD’s native token that is on the Polygon network. 


Wolf Works DAO (WLD) is an investment DAO that aims to build wealth for its members through a portfolio of acquired assets and product offerings. The acquisition of assets and development of product offerings is funded by WLD’s treasury or its members. WLD’s private sale and first DEX listing on QuickSwap was held on February 10th, 2022. However, WLD was first conceptualized starting as early as November 2021 by a group of community moderators and initial investors of Liti Capital SA. WLD’s portfolio of assets has grown to include but is not limited to, stake in companies, stake in projects, “stablecoins”, services, and other valuable crypto assets.


1.1 Mission

Wolf Works DAO (WLD) is an organization on a mission to ethically build wealth for its members and to always serve their best interest. WLD utilizes blockchain technology to allow its members to securely govern and manage the organization’s portfolio. WLD was built as a platform that gives every member a collective voice, additional benefits, and an investing community that both represents them and serves their best interests.

1.2 Vision

Wolf Works DAO (WLD) is an organization that is designed to continuously evolve over time -- herein are the principles, ideas, and vision upon which it was founded.
Enable WLD members to have a collective voice in the direction and actions of WLD
Partner with other organizations that align with the principles and commitments of WLD
Enable WLD members to have a collective voice in the direction and actions of organizations held by WLD’s portfolio, such as, Liti Capital SA
Distribute excess funds in the portfolio prorata to WLD members
Provide transparency to WLD members through the use of smart contracts
Continuously develop and expand the utility of WLD
Promote a safer and more self-regulated crypto industry
Always serve the best interest of WLD members
Promote collaboration and good communication between all WLD members
Promoting and developing leadership within WLD’s community


2.1 History

(Coming Soon)

2.2 Problem / Solution

Little Representation or Power
Small retail investors are at a significant disadvantage on their own.
Private Equity

$wLITI holders don’t have the same rights as $LITI Capital holders, they are not eligible to receive Liti Capital dividends or voting rights even though they bought $wLITI for the same price ($LITI and $wLITI are pegged at 5000:1). Wolf Works DAO $WLD investors unite to create Wolf Works DAO, a member-run community that gives $wLITI investors the same benefits as $LITI investors AND MORE through its $WLD token.
Slow Investments
The nature of Liti Capital’s business is slow. Legal claim cases can take years with little in available case updates, making it difficult to create the hype and frequency of news and general excitement crypto communities have become accustomed to. $WLD is its own token, connected but separate from the $wLITI token. It will have its own community, website, social communities and its own activities to keep the crypto action going. The $WLD token is backed to the $wLITI but $WLD can pay its own dividends, contest winnings, and NFT profit sharing using other currencies like USDC
High Ethereum Gas Fees
$wLITI is expensive to trade due to high gas fees, making it an unattractive token to frequently buy and sell. This keeps traders at a distance who want to buy low, sell high and repeat. Use the Polygon Chain to Lower Fees

2.3 Value Proposition

Wolf Works DAO (WLD) is an entity that will continuously evolve to serve the best interest of WLD members and provides value to its members through the growth of its portfolio. The portfolio consists of various assets that create diversification and lower the risk of the overall portfolio. Projects and products in WLD’s portfolio create value by solving problems and rendering services strive to provide higher quality than what currently exists on the market. These projects and products generate revenue for WLD which grows WLD’s treasury.

2.4 Key Components & Supporting Technologies

People & Organizations

3.1 Founding Team & Contributors

Scott Schotter
Amy Sexsmith
Rylee Bellman
Devin Peeples
Danial Afri

3.2 Community


Since the private sale in February, WLD has grown from 0 members to over 1,500 members.


In April, WLD launched its ambassador program. WLD Ambassadors are passionate WLD community members that support the WLD ecosystem in various ways. These individuals are more than just WLD holders. They are fun-loving active members who are driven to help the community grow and continue the expansion of the WLD ecosystem. As an ambassador, the more passionate you are, the more recognition you will get. From exclusive swag, to direct communication with us, exclusive networking opportunities, early access to features, discounts and gifts from WLD. This is a way for WLD to show its support to or “sponsor” its most passionate and contributing community members. WLD wishes to recognize them for what they do and the value that they bring to its community and ecosystem.


Apply to become a WLD Ambassador



Along with the ambassador program WLD is going to be starting another program where community members can be entered into giveaways by completing tasks throughout a two week period. Things like posting, commenting, participating in things, etc. If a person completes all of the tasks throughout that period, then they’ll be entered into the giveaway. WLD will be releasing more information on it when it officially starts the program.

3.3 Partners & Vendors

We are partnering with other organizations that will help grow the WLD ecosystem and vendors that work with us for our product offerings. Our Wolf Certification product will be partnering up with or utilizing services from vendors that specialize in the investigation, due diligence, cybersecurity, and KYC / AML industries.

Athena Intelligence SA

One of these vendors being Athena Intelligence, a Geneva and Shanghai based company that is made up of several former bankers, journalists, lawyers, accountants, and government employees. Athena is a global consultancy firm that specializes in due diligence, investigations, cybersecurity, and crisis management. They provide high quality intelligence and risk management services to multinationals and ultra high net worth individuals. Therefore, we have chosen them to assist with auditing and investigating.




4.1 Portfolio Overview

As we continue to create profitability for holders and distributions become more consistent, we feel it is reasonable to speculate a sizable growth in market price that more accurately reflects the magnitude of distributions.
1% Case Ownership
Wolf Certification
wLiti Tokens
Crypto Assets
Estimated Potential Portfolio Value
wLiti Tokens Owned
1% Case Ownership
Liquidity Pool(s)
Other Crypto Assets
Total Per WLD

Distribution History

Amount per WLD
Proceeds from the Wolf Pack NFT mint
$95,000 USDC

Liti Capital SA is a swiss-based company that specializes in litigation finance. Liti Capital SA currently has a diversified case portfolio with a potential of $250M+ in case claims. Wolf Works DAO members believe the Liti Capital portfolio of legal cases is a prized asset that results in outsized dividends. To support its fundraising efforts, Liti Capital SA uses two different but symbiotic types of tokens, the LITI and wLITI tokens. $LITI is an equity token that is a share of stock in Liti Capital SA. $wLITI is a wrapped token, for swaps and other non-KYC trades.

To date, no LITI tokens have been issued to the founders or team members. The Company will use up to two million tokens (16%) to pay for salaries, early expenses in the business as well as to provide an incentive plan for its team and community members. Any tokens issued through this mechanism will be locked up, not available for sale, for a period of six months upon delivery.

Liti Capital distributes 80% of its net profits to $LITI token holders as dividends. To own $LITI, you must be KYC approved. Wolf Works DAO members will be able to receive dividends without being KYC approved. Liti Capital Voting rights are only available to $LITI Token holders. Liti Capital distributes 80% of profit to $LITI token holders as dividends.

Wolf Works DAO has contracted a $LITI KYC partner who will represent all $WLD holders through a multi-sig wallet. During times of $LITI dividend distribution, this partner will convert the DAO Treasury’s $wLITI to $LITI, receive the Liti Capital dividend and then return the $wLITI and dividend back to the DAO Treasury for distribution. The Problem is that to own $LITI, you must be KYC approved, leaving $wLITI holders empty-handed when it is time for dividends. Becoming a Wolf Works DAO member allows $wLITI holders the ability to vote as a group, allowing our collective vote to have a significant say in Liti Capital. As the Wolf Works DAO grows it will have real influence. Using a member-approved partner’s KYC multi-signature wallet, $wLITI holders join together as a unified pack and collect Liti Capital dividends, despite lack of KYC verification.

4.2 Portfolio Analysis

Liti Capital SA

Case Name
Max Case Claim
Ownership / Award
Max Case Claim Ownership
The Binance Claim
Whistleblower Case
Employment Dispute
Large Investment Default
Max Case Claim Ownership
Type B Shares (LITI)
LITI Max Case Claim Ownership
wLITI Max Supply
wLITI Owned by WLD
% Supply Owned by WLD
WLD’s Share of Max Value
Max Value Share per WLD

Investment Default Case Ownership

The case owner of Liti Capital SA’s largest case has given 1% of their billion dollar claim award to the DAO. The case is a massive investment default and due to the sensitive nature of the case, the details on the signed ownership certificate that gives the DAO its rights to the 1% are currently censored. The details on the certificate show who the participants are and the case number. It will be uncensored as the case progresses and details are not as sensitive. When the case is won and collected, a portion of the funds will be used to fund the DAO’s treasury and the rest will be paid out as a distribution to the DAO members.

Total Claim Value: $1,070,000,000

1% Claim Value: $10,700,000

Potential Value: $10,700,000+

Product Offerings and Projects

Date Launched
Current Earnings
Wolf Pack NFT Collection
Mar 19 2022
Wolf Certification
July 2022
July  2022

Liquidity Pool(s)

WLD Quickswap Pool
Current Market Value


Current Market Value

Other Crypto Assets

Current Market Value
388,762 WLD
0.2475 WETH
Total Value


WLD has a vast network of people and resources that have been invaluable to its development and will continue to prove itself invaluable over time. The WLD founders, ambassadors, and members combined have a very large and experienced network. Even though it is difficult to put a number on the value of this, we still felt that it was necessary to include it here.

4.3 Projects and Product Offerings

Wolf Pack NFTs

WLD made a Wolf Pack NFT collection. 950 randomly generated wolves were sold and 50 were given away. WLD’s treasury receives an on-going 10% royalty on secondary sales of the NFTs on Opensea. The price was $100 in MATIC / USDC per NFT.



  • Access to the “Verified Wolf” role and private “Wolf Lounge” channel on Discord
  • Access to free content, exclusive airdrops, and “priority access”
  • Whitelisted on DAO’s launchpad
  • Unique wolf avatar to use as a profile picture. The NFT will be launched on Polygon, but will be mapped to ETH which means that the NFTs will be supported by Twitter’s new NFT profile picture feature
  • VIP access at DAO events
  • Additional utility added overtime

Read More About It Here > https://wolfworks.io/nft/

Wolf Certification

WLD’s “Wolf Certification'' is offering operational due diligence, auditing, smart contract auditing, scam prevention, and more to startup (crypto) projects. To do this, the DAO is utilizing services from or partnering up with vendors that specialize in the investigation, due diligence, cybersecurity, and KYC / AML industries. Many of us in the DAO have been dissatisfied with the work, lack of transparency, lack of useful information, etc that the vast majority of crypto auditing companies provide to their clients and those that are taking on the risk of investing into the projects that they have audited. This dissatisfaction has been a major motivator for the DAO to create its own auditing service that is extremely thorough and comprehensive by factoring in more than just the smart contract code of a project. These comprehensive audits can be used in conjunction with other WLD products, such as the insurance service. The revenue generated from this product will go to WLD’s treasury. From WLD’s treasury, the funds can be used for paying WLD’s expenses, reinvesting, acquiring other assets, or paying out distributions to all the WLD members.

Read More About It Here > https://wolfworks.io/wolf-certification/

Insurance Services

One of the biggest hurdles that crypto projects have is minimizing risk and creating confidence and trust with their community. WolfWorks Insurance was established to help bring crypto investors and project owners the peace of mind they deserve by providing services that help overcome these challenges. The ability to offer WolfWorks Insurance to our WolfWorks Certified projects, adds additional certainty that we and all our vendors have put their absolute best efforts into making sure the projects we certify are sound and can be executed as expected in the blockchain ecosystem.

Insurance Services

WolfWorks DAO (WLD) has established itself as a reinsurer under Relm Insurance. WolfWorks will be able to offer insurance services to projects which have completed Wolf Certification. Terms for insurance services will be individually negotiated based upon the Wolf Certification score and size of the limits for such coverage.

Liability Insurance

This soon to be bonded insurance covers the WolfWorks team, Athena Intelligence partners, contract audit firms and other consultants that do work for WolfWorks extensive Wolf Certification program. If a project is compromised and losses are incurred, due to weaknesses that should have been discovered during the certification process, WolfWorks will provide coverage of up to USD 2,000,000.00 per claim/event.

WolfWorks DAO Technology Professional Services Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance
Claims Made Liability Coverages
Coverage Section Limit of Insurance Per Claim/Event
Retention / Waiting Period
Technology Professional Services Errors and Omissions Liability (*)
USD 2,000,000.00
USD 250,000.00

(*) TECHNOLOGY SERVICES DEFINITION ENDORSEMENT: Technology consulting regarding cyber security assessments, self-governance and certification process for the digital asset industry.

Token Loss Insurance
Token Loss Insurance can also be added on which would require the project to deposit their native tokens with WolfWorks.

Claims Process
Claims can be reported to either claims@wolfworks.io or at https://wolfworks.io/insurance/claim. When a claim is made, WolfWorks will use its claim infrastructure, investigators, and legal experts to determine the breach. WolfWorks has USD 100,000 available which can be used without consent from our insurance company within 48 hours of a claim being made. When the claim cannot be settled from our treasury, the claim will be filed through our insurance company’s process.


WLD has created a launchpad infrastructure and support group that assists projects during the early stages of their ventures. Projects that utilize WLD’s launchpad infrastructure will receive resources such as assistance from seasoned professionals and access to a useful set of tools. The purpose of making these resources available to these early-stage projects is to give those projects the best chance at succeeding by compensating in areas that the projects may have little experience in or infrastructure around. The requirements for a project to be able to participate on WLD’s launchpad is having a Wolf Certification with a low risk score and WLD’s insurance.


5.1 Tokenomics

Deployment Details

Deployment Date
wLitiDAO (WLD)
Polygon Mainnet
Contract Address

Minting (wLiti Deposits)

The only way that WLD tokens can be created is by depositing wLITI tokens into WLD’s smart contract. When wLITI tokens are deposited, WLD tokens are minted at a 1 to 1 ratio. On March 6th, wLITI deposits were turned off which means wLITI can no longer be deposited into WLD’s smart contract and no more WLD can be minted. The total supply of WLD when deposits were turned off is the new max supply of WLD.
wLITI Deposited in Treasury
1,918,024,825 wLITI
WLD Minted
1,918,024,825 WLD

Current Supply

Circulating Supply
1,917,636,063 WLD
Total Supply
1,918,024,825 WLD
Max Supply
1,918,024,825 WLD
Treasury Owned
388,762 WLD

Locked Liquidity

The liquidity pool for USDC / WLD was locked for a year using Unicrypt.


Private Sale(s)

Sale Date
Min. Purchase
$100 in USDC / MATIC
Max Purchase
$2,000 in USDC / MATIC
Token Price
Hard Cap
$1,000,000 USDC / MATIC
Sale Duration
~1 Hour
10% of tokens unlocked immediately, 15% airdropped monthly for 6 months

Use of Proceeds

$1,000,000 USDC
USDC / WLD liquidity pool on Quickswap, expenses, Certik Audit, etc

Allocations / Reserves

(Coming Soon)

Smart Contract Functionality

(Coming Soon)

5.2 Governance


Wolf Works DAO (WLD) is an entity that will continuously evolve to serve the best interests of the DAO members. Proposals are proposed actions that can be created by any DAO member. It will evolve by using proposals that will determine whether or not an action will be executed. WLD cannot perform any actions unless the DAO members approve the action through the use of proposals. Proposals can be created and viewed on https://snapshot.org/#/wlitidao.eth . The only requirement to create a proposal is that you must be a WLD member. Proposals can be discussed in WLD’s Telegram and Discord in the “proposal” channel. It is wise to discuss the proposal idea with other DAO members in those channels to get an idea of what other DAO members think before creating an actual proposal. If the other DAO members are not interested in the idea or see issues with it, then it is unlikely that the proposal will be approved.


Proposal Examples

  • Creating and issuing NFTs
  • Upgrading contracts
  • Have the WLD Treasury make an investment
  • Have the WLD Treasury make a donation
  • WLD buybacks
The proposal must have a majority vote from the DAO members to be approved and will be denied if it does not have a majority vote. After a proposal is created, it will be displayed under “Proposals” on WLD’s Snapshot page for all DAO members to read and vote on it. One WLD token is equal to one vote.


The proposal must have a majority vote from the DAO members to be approved and will be denied if it does not have a majority vote. After a proposal is created, it will be displayed under “Proposals” on WLD’s Snapshot page for all DAO members to read and vote on it. One WLD token is equal to one vote.

Off-Chain Voting (Snapshot)

WLD uses Snapshot for off-chain voting. Snapshot is a decentralized voting system. It provides flexibility on how voting power is calculated for a vote. Snapshot supports various voting types to cater to the needs of organizations. Creating proposals and voting on Snapshot is user-friendly and does not cost gas as the process is performed off-chain.


On-Chain Voting

(Coming Soon)

Passed Propsals

Taking half of the revenue generated from WLD Wolf Pack NFT secondary sales and use it for buybacks of WLD on Quickswap.
Renaming the DAO from "wLiti DAO" to "Wolf Works DAO" or "Wolf Works" for short. The ticker ($WLD) would not be changed.

5.3 Distributions

How It Works

WLD will distribute profit from the treasury when there are excess funds in the treasury and the DAO members (a DAO member is anyone holding WLD tokens) approve the distribution through a vote. Distributions from the DAO’s treasury are paid prorata to every WLD holder.

Calculating Distributions

distribution amount / supply of WLD = distribution amount per WLD
your WLD balance * distribution amount per WLD = amount paid to your wallet
Your Balance
500,000 WLD
Distribution Amount
10,000,000 USDC
WLD Supply
1,918,024,825 WLD
Distribution per WLD
0.005214 USDC
Your Distribution
2,607 USDC


A snapshot of WLD balances will be taken before the distribution date. The only thing you need to do is hold WLD in your wallet when this snapshot is taken. As long as your wallet holds WLD, funds distributed from the treasury will be sent to that wallet.

5.4 Buying WLD

Watch: https://youtube.com/shorts/Cyq3Lw10kuk?feature=share


WLD is listed on Quickswap which is the largest DEX (decentralized exchange) on the Polygon network where you can swap tokens. You may use any major token (MATIC, USDC, WETH, etc) that has liquidity on Quickswap to purchase WLD tokens. 

To swap, go to https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xa936e1f747d14fc30d08272d065c8aef4ab7f810 .


View the chart on DexTools.



5.4 Trading

5.5 Audit(s)

Certik Security Audit (In Progress)


Wolf Certification (In Progress)


6.1 Target Market

Value for Audience

  • Startups (Projects and Companies)
  • Retail and Institutional Investors
  • Communities
  • Influencers


  • Protecting followers from being harmed
  • Increased reputation and trust
  • Well informed decision making
  • Detect red flags and vulnerabilities
  • Diversified portfolio of assets

6.2 Market Assessment

(Coming Soon)

6.3 Opportunity Size and Revenue Model

(Coming Soon)

Timeline & Roadmap


November - DAO idea started

Early December - Liti Capital KYC approved partner selected

December - DAO initial design

January - Due Diligence vendor / partner selected for certifications


1/28/2022 - Certik audit started

___ - WLD token smart contract developed

2/7/22 - WLD token deployed to Polygon mainnet details

2/7/22 - wLITI deposits opened

2/7/22 - 100M wLITI deposited

2/7/22 - 500M wLITI deposited 

2/7/22 - 1B wLITI deposited

2/7/22 - 1.5B wLITI deposited

2/9/22 - $1M private sale with Infinity started

2/9/22 - $1M private sale with Infinity sold out

2/10/22 - Listed on QuickSwap (details)

2/10/22 - $10M market cap achieved

2/10/22 - $20M market cap achieved

2/10/22 - Liquidity locked using Unicrypt (details)

2/8/22 - Ownership of $WLD contract transferred to DAO multisig contract (details)

3/6/22 - wLITI deposits closed (details)

3/5/22 - Listed on Coin Market Cap (view listing)

3/5/22- Listed on Coin Gecko (view listing)

2/20/22 - Early DAO Member NFT airdropped to all WLD holders (details)

3/19/22 - Wolf Pack NFT deployed (details)

3/20/22- Wolf Pack NFT mint

- Wolf Pack NFTs revealed (view on opensea)

3/21/22- Added VIP status to Wolf Pack NFTs

3/26/22- First distribution of 95,000 USDC to WLD holders (transaction hash link)

4/2/22- First Snapshot (off-chain voting) proposal passed

4/12/22- First WLD buyback (388k WLD) (details)

4/14/22 - Started Ambassador program

___ - Legendary NFT reveal


___ - Liti Capital announces that it expects to pay dividends within 7 months

___ - Liti Capital announces that it expects 2 cases to be won by the end of 2022

X - Opened Wolf Certification requests to public

X - First Wolf Certification

X - First project launched on the DAO’s  launchpad

X - DAO merch

X - Gamification

X - Translate website to different languages (German, French, etc)

X - $50M market cap achieved

X - $100M market cap achieved


X - Revamp branding (name, logo, etc)

X - Mascot design competition

X - $250M market cap achieved

X - Liti Capital purchase additional cases

X - WLD mapped to Ethereum

X - WLD cross-chain


X - Liti Capital dividends

X - $500M market cap achieved

X - First reputable CEX


X - Second reputable CEX


X - $1B market cap achieved